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The Secret Lives of Colour

2015-12-15 20.40.02

Here it is! The beautiful cover to “The Secret Lives of Colour”, which will be published by John Murray in October. For the princely sum of £20 you will learn about the brown that changed the way battles were fought, the white that was thought to protect against the plague and why the pre-Raphaelite Edward Burne-Jones insisted on giving a tube of paint a decent burial.

Brooke Holm

brookeholm_peppermintmagI can’t remember where it was that I first came across Brooke Holm’s photography. I can tell you that I can’t stop ogling her portfolio and luscious photo-blog (just check out this post on a recent trip to New Zealand). Her palette and mood are both open and energising; there’s a real Scandinavian vibe to much of her work – particularly the still lifes and interiors images – surprising since she’s Australian, lives in Melbourne, and is clearly besotted with the great outdoors.



Frozen Things

So it seems that the polar vortex may be moving on and I’m sure everyone over in the eye of the vortex – which basically seems to extend over Northern America – is going to be very relieved to see the back of it, but it certainly has given rise to a wave of creativity:

Soap Bubbles

bubble6 bubble7 bubble3Bubbles


enhanced-buzz-wide-31021-1389117938-15 {Barry Butler via Buzzfeed}

enhanced-buzz-wide-31135-1389116530-14{Shawn Reynolds via Buzzfeed}


dca845cb513a605bb320387e966ab798 b3b2e4dfdd93f48f2534fa20ade396ae {Thomas Zakowski via BoredPanda}


Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.24.59 {screenshot of video by Jim Brandenburg}

Hidden Mothers; Draped Women

870You may or may not know that in some Victorian portraits of children mothers disguised themselves as furniture, presumably to keep their children calm and still while the photo was being taken. Well now, either in homage or by pure chance, photographer Patty Carroll has done a photo series called “Draped Women”. Below are a few of my favourites, from both categories:


Hidden Mothers1Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous-Women-6-600x720Hidden Mothers2Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous-Women-10-600x720Hidden Mothers3{hidden mothers images via Retronaut}

Joe Cruz

Potrait of a Young WomanI’m digging these pop-arty pastel-embellished prints by Joe Cruz. A little bit cool, but sweet and young at heart too: reminiscent of those felt tip scrawls I used to leave all over my beautiful bedroom wallpaper when I was little. In a good way.

Pastel Potrait I

Jazz 1 Jazz 3 copy Pastel Potrait II copy Lola Flores

Ernesto Artillo

Ernesto+ArtilloRegular Whimsy readers will know I’m a fan of paper art and composite-image photography so it should come as no surprise that the work of collage illustrator Ernesto Artillo is right up my alley. You’ve probably already seen his work on the cover of Elle Collections AW12, and I’m sure there are a lot more collaborations to come. Aren’t they great?

ernesto_artillo_04 ernesto_artillo_05 16 ernesto_artillo_14 Domenico+Cioffi+by+Ernesto+Artillo 14 ernesto_artillo_07

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Cosmopolitan_2717329kJean Cazals, a London-based French food photographer who I used to work with when I was at House & Garden, is currently having an exhibition of his work. Called “Eat Me” – of course it is – it’s on until the 7th January at the French Art Studio on Gloucester Road. He goes in for the kind of up-close, whimsical and artistic food photography I always find makes my mouth water. Go and takea look if you’re in town, if not you can see more of his work here.1307_JeanCazals_SeaSltCaraBonb_59x42cm_2054607 1307_JeanCazals_21PaletOr_59x42cm_2013_w062324 Mull_wine_2717331k mint_2717513k 1307_JeanCazals_Straw_59x42cm_2013_w055222 Macaron_2717342k