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For spring: an experiment in the form of a monthly design round-up with an odd smattering of opinions and news thrown in. If you like it—or if you think it’s terrible and want to offer suggestions—let me know on Twitter on in the comments below. Enjoy!

The death of Dame Zaha Hadid on March 31st has led to the publication of a thousand quick-fire tributes, condolences by contemporaries, rivals and critics as well as the unearthing of some thoughtful, long-form profiles. In pictures: ten of her best buildings

Are you a youngish man? Have you ever seen Mumford & Sons? The “bro”-liferation

How Batman’s physique has waxed and waned (pun definitely intended) over past 50 years

Tennis and the patriarchy

A great piece on a Harvard library protecting some of the world’s rarest colours (and some other wonderful libraries, just for fun)

Buzzfeed uses dreamy stock images to demonstrate the beauty of the German language

Maths can help make sense of the relationships between Game of Thrones’ protagonists

The Economist’s data team offers a scoop on the relationship between ice-cream consumption and literacy

Top tweet—is Canada trolling America?

You definitely don’t need this golden ratio cookie cutter, but…

And, from me:

The man who carves between heartbeats to create works so small they are practically invisible to the naked eye

On the origins and uses of Vantablack, the world’s blackest black

And, in Elle Decoration’s April issue, 35 pages of rainbow therapy

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