May 2016

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Fresh for May: the best things I’ve read and seen online this month:

Ever wanted to know what other people do when they think no one is watching? Gay Talese’s gripping account of a motel-owner, who, after decades of spying on his guests, decided: “People are basically dishonest and unclean; they cheat and lie and are motivated by self-interest.”

The Western women who join ISIS

The game designers who created a game where players were randomly assigned a gender. Some of the men who had to play as women were not happy. (Not surprising really: the woman card isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.)

Colour palettes from the world’s most famous artists.

Just 13% of London’s blue plaques are dedicated to women. English Heritage have appealed to the public to nominate more.

The machine that lets you produce cheap and ecologically friendly protein in your kitchen. (The only catch is that the protein comes in the form of mealworms.)

A photographer invaded the privacy of some Planned Parenthood protesters.

Gorgeous images of the Munsell colour atlas from 1915.

Ivorian women in the world’s most beautiful hand-me-downs.

A Dutch company has created a modular housing system made from cardboard.

The New Yorker‘s ‘Purple Rain’ cover.

At a recent lecture Anish Kapoor, from around 1.50 in, talks about his plans for Vantablack. (Spoiler: the planned sculpture resembles a gargantuan, walk-in sex toy.)

An American court to spaghetti: ‘You are not a god‘.

And, from me:

Why 2016 will be the year of the podcast

And I talked to Monocle about three fascinating colours: ultramarine, vantablack and Scheele’s green

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