The Risks, Rewards and Rules of Cultural Appropriation. Plus: How Meth Fuelled the Nazis, the Library that has Installed a Book Train, and the New Breed of Nowhere Offices


Welcome to autumn and, for me, publication month. The Secret Lives of Colour, a book that owes its genesis to the colour column I write for Elle Decoration, hits the shelves on October 20th. I can’t wait to share it with you.

The launch is taking place on October 11th at the beautiful Library members club in London and has been kindly sponsored by Jensen’s, a delicious gin also hailing from the city. If you’d like to attend you can buy a day pass here. After publication I will also be giving talks, signing books and generally promoting my little heart out. When I have a clearer idea of the schedule I’ll put it in the Books tab above.

Enough about the book! Below is a highly abbreviated edit of the best of the internet this month — enjoy:

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Two fantastic episodes from the podcast This American Life. The first is particularly pertinent in the run-up to an election that has revealed the deep insecurities many Americans feel about their country and its place in the world. It follows a man who won the green-card lottery as he struggles against huge odds to redeem his golden ticket. The second is also deeply moving. It examines the power of words can have to connect people with loved ones

High Hitler: how methamphetamines fuelled the Nazis

Photographs of pastel-hued sports’ courts

My review of “1920s Jazz Age“, the new exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London

Another fascinating podcast for election junkies. Hosted by two former Obama-campaign staff members, it’s all about this campaign cycle and is packed with fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbits. Unashamedly pro-Democrat

Why roller coasters are good for your kidneys

One day the police get an anonymous tip that a PTA mom had bags of weed and pills in her car. It seems like an open-and-shut case, but the cop on duty begins to suspect that something is a little off… A seething, true-crime long-read played out in a bloodless American suburb

How Hillary won the first presidential debate

The New York Public Library has installed a book train

The effect the white lab coat has had on medical history

Jenni Avins argues in The Atlantic that we are all cultural appropriators now, and shrill attempts to police and define these boundaries are fraught and pointless…up to a point. While the free exchange of ideas has the power to be hugely positive, some lines shouldn’t be crossed

A new project from Tate Britain pairs artwork to news images with startling results

Welcome to the Nowhere Office, a new breed of workspace that is contemporary, monochrome, minimal and so clean it is almost as if you were never there.

On Donald Trump and cruelty


The image at the top has been culled from the gorgeous Instagram account of Present & Correct. If you like what you see (and you will), check out their shop

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