The Secret Lives of Colour

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Here it is! The beautiful cover to “The Secret Lives of Colour”, which will be published by John Murray in October. For the princely sum of £20 you will learn about the brown that changed the way battles were fought, the white that was thought to protect against the plague and why the pre-Raphaelite Edward Burne-Jones insisted on giving a tube of paint a decent burial.

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Hello, April



For spring: an experiment in the form of a monthly design round-up with an odd smattering of opinions and news thrown in. If you like it—or if you think it’s terrible and want to offer suggestions—let me know on Twitter on in the comments below. Enjoy!

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Weekend Post #29

8362760_5755575_lz Beautiful black-and-white animal portraits by Alex Teuscher

How to be there

Michael Pollan on healthy diets

Love these shoes… and all these metallic ones

How to really, really impress dinner guests: chocolate terrariums

Want, want, must have

Outfit inspiration in black and white

Two-tone shoes  *shameless plug alert*

Male models meet deep winter

The science behind using salt in cooking

An oldie but a goodie: Clipboard Girls by SRSLY

An emergency bread recipe

{image by Andrea Hrnjak at Society6}

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Weekend Post #28

11114atDG2343web Fashion vs. function from Lonny mag

Pompom blanket

Catherine Baba style

A dream chalet

How big is your vocabulary?

Ooooooh Prada

A Sherlock & Watshon col1jckltail… *hic* (Although I really see Sherlock as more of a gin man. And: have you been watching the new series? What do you think?)

Diggin these earrings

I will never look this cool

WTF: miso caramel

A great post from Miss Moss about healthy exercise motivation (I love it for the pics from Life) and the right-on rant that inspired it (with a peanut-butter cookie recipe at the bottom)

Love this coat from H&M

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama!

{beautiful red pout photo by The Sartorialist}

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Monique Péan

Monique Péan earringsSo, I only discovered Monique Péan and her jewellery just now – luckily the rest of the world hasn’t been quite so slow on the uptake. Born in Washington, Monique began her career as a Goldman Sachs analyst in New York. But in 2006 after a family tragedy Monique decided to do something a bit different.

In the years since she’s been the recipient of the CFDA & Vogue Fashion Fund Award, the CVFF and Tiffany & Co development grant and been listed as one to watch by “Fortune” and “Oprah” magazines.

Her eponymous jewellery label aims to be eco-friendly and sustainable. The materials used include 18-carat recycled gold, fossilised woolly mammoth and walrus ivory, sustainable buffalo horn and pearls, and fair-trade and conflict-free precious stones. And unlike many other eco brands, which too often don’t quite cut it aesthetically, Monique’s collection is a triumph. And of course I want every single piece. Starting with those earrings…

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