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Joe Cruz

Potrait of a Young WomanI’m digging these pop-arty pastel-embellished prints by Joe Cruz. A little bit cool, but sweet and young at heart too: reminiscent of those felt tip scrawls I used to leave all over my beautiful bedroom wallpaper when I was little. In a good way.

Pastel Potrait I

Jazz 1 Jazz 3 copy Pastel Potrait II copy Lola Flores

Ernesto Artillo

Ernesto+ArtilloRegular Whimsy readers will know I’m a fan of paper art and composite-image photography so it should come as no surprise that the work of collage illustrator Ernesto Artillo is right up my alley. You’ve probably already seen his work on the cover of Elle Collections AW12, and I’m sure there are a lot more collaborations to come. Aren’t they great?

ernesto_artillo_04 ernesto_artillo_05 16 ernesto_artillo_14 Domenico+Cioffi+by+Ernesto+Artillo 14 ernesto_artillo_07

Second Skins

skins-6A great project by Miguel Vallinas, a Spanish photographer based in Madrid. He’s anthropomorphised these animals in the obvious way – by splicing their heads onto human bodies – but also taps in to how we see in these animals through the clothes they’re wearing. Of course the red deer would choose riding boots and a sensible coat while a wolf sports a checked shirt and a duffel coat, right? Then again, just as these animals can be neatly carved up into different groups, herbivore vs carnivore for example, so humans wear their clothes as a way of showing which social herd they belong to. It’s a clever inversion, and much more subtle than it appears at first glance.

I saw this selection on Colussal, but please do go and take a look at the others in the series; the lugubrious hippo and downtrodden donkey are personal favourites….


Cecilia Borghi

COLECCIONESJARDINDEPORCELANAI’m a big fan of Cecilia Borghi’s delicate and organic ceramics. Born in Buenos Aires, she’s inspired by her family’s long love affair with porcelain – her grandfather owned a china factory – and, as you can immediately tell from her work, flora.

…the imaginary garden that I seek to materialise through my art,
a place where memories mix with fantasy to become tangible. I’m interested in the garden as a refuge and also as a mythological place where nature is present but moulded by human hand and mind.


Cassandra Smith vs Antlers

IMG_2880I just saw this antlers project by American artist and editor Cassandra Smith. It’s a great little twist on the idea of having a stuffed deer’s head mounted on your wall, not to mention more colourful.  The project is still ongoing, so you can keep up with it on her website here, and you can buy the antlers at her Etsy shop, MadeByCassandraSmith.

IMG_2621 IMG_2650 IMG_2691 IMG_2686 Antler1 IMG_2865 Antler4

Quentin Jones vs Paint

I came across the work of British artist Quentin Jones for the first time last year (was I late to the party, has everyone known about her for, like, ever?) and fell in love with her cut-outs and video art. I’m undecided about this though – it’s fun visually but I can’t decide if that’s all there is…

Weekend Whimsy


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{pic: paper flowers by Lyndie Dourthe via Anthology}