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June 2016


Hello from a not-so-sunny London

I’m back after a glorious week in Scotland where it was 22 degrees every day (see photo above). I don’t normally do plugs for places I’ve visited here but I’m going to make an exception for Corrie House B&B, run by Barrie and Joan. They were charming, their breakfasts were the stuff of dreams and they looked after us so well that all I want to do is hop on a plane and go straight back.

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Happy Weekend


Helmet-proof hairdos for cyclists

Cute Todd Lynn dress

Beautiful photos from Anna di Prospero

Cherry blossom in Tokyo by Nobuyoshi Araki

A feminist rape joke [I know, but, really]

An oldie but a goodie: Madeleine Albright’s TEDtalk

This blouse

Hand-stitched leather camera case and beautiful camera straps

My favourite beauty writer, Sali Hughes, now has her own website

How to break a bad habit

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Happy Weekend

Wow – the Whimsy Papers has been nominated for not one but two blogging awards this week. Many, many thanks to Being Zhenya and T.D. Nicholls from Thoughts from a Cafe for the nominations – I’m so pleased you’ve been enjoying my blog!

What are you up to this weekend?  I’ve finally worked myself up to take the plunge and ….. get myself a Fuji FinePix camera! I’ve been thinking about it for months and boring my boyfriend on the topic for even longer – his eyes just glaze over if I so much as mention it. Will hopefully get to road test it out in Guernsey this weekend…

Have a good one!

Neon wisdom

Love this dress and this clutch

Incredible origami shadow art

How to be happy

Could you have your first kiss at your wedding?  This couple did!

I’m really coming round to this whole loafer thing…

How cute is this puppy?

p.s. the weather could be worse! Some beautiful shoes and vintage-style bikinis

{image via Pinterest from Little Blue Deer}

Happy Weekend

You know when you have those weeks when you just feel bleugh? Well I’ve had one of those. It culminated yesterday in a migraine, which was a bit unpleasant. I’m quite lucky in some ways: some people get hit by migraines without warning, I get fractured vision about an hour before kick off. All I can do is scurry home, swallow some Solpadeine, and hide in a dark room. Occasionally, if I manage to catch it especially early, I’ll whack on an emergency eye-mask I keep in my freezer, which helps. But mostly a migraine = a lost day. So apologies for a quiet week in Whimsy Land – lots more next week I promise!
Have a wonderful weekend


This photo makes me want to go skiing!

I love quirky homes and this converted train station is so inspiring

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

Cute hairdo

I’m currently lusting after some cool linen sheets

Some good holiday essentials

David Cameron’s complexion colour chart

Quirky clutch

{pic of Zero + Maria Cornejo via Vogue}

Happy Weekend

Another Friday! So soon?

So far my biggest plan for the weekend is getting my hair cut, sad but true. I’ve been growing may hair for ages and it’s now about the longest it’s ever been – only about two and a half inches below my shoulders (there’s a pic here). What do we think: should I keep it roughly the same, a little like this? Maybe add a bit of colour? Or go wild and cut the whole lot off?

Opinions welcome!

Go forth and click:

Totally going to try and squeeze into the biggest size of this t-shirt

Buttermilk pancakes!

Add some serious zing to your wardrobe with this neon orange scarf

Aren’t these cable-knit pouffes great?

DIY cupcake stand

Don’t think I could live with it but I think this wallpaper is fun, this one too

Plus – five ways with strawberries

{Image via Libby Hall on Flickr}