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Frozen Things

So it seems that the polar vortex may be moving on and I’m sure everyone over in the eye of the vortex – which basically seems to extend over Northern America – is going to be very relieved to see the back of it, but it certainly has given rise to a wave of creativity:

Soap Bubbles

bubble6 bubble7 bubble3Bubbles


enhanced-buzz-wide-31021-1389117938-15 {Barry Butler via Buzzfeed}

enhanced-buzz-wide-31135-1389116530-14{Shawn Reynolds via Buzzfeed}


dca845cb513a605bb320387e966ab798 b3b2e4dfdd93f48f2534fa20ade396ae {Thomas Zakowski via BoredPanda}


Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.24.59 {screenshot of video by Jim Brandenburg}