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Have a Wonderful Weekend


Please let me first apologise for my lack of posts this week, I’ve been a little fried by so many fun projects – lots of pieces to write and I was a judge at the International Chocolate Awards, which was predictably awesome. I feel like I’ve barely had time to breathe let alone work on my blog, so sorry and I promise to get back to it properly next week…

In the mean time, what do you think about blunt fringes? I’ve got an appointment tomorrow and I’m thinking about trading in my usual side-swept bangs for something a little edgier, something a little more Rose Byrne-esque. What do you think: could I pull it off?

I could totally live in pajamas, could you?

Remember the Bic for her thing? Here’s Ellen’s take

Colourful Portuguese home

Iris Apfel vs Dazed

Cool gift for a camping fan

Design your own shoes? Um, YES!

Love this necklace

Bread and dripping? I’m very intrigued by this menu by Tom Sellers…

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