Weekend Post No. 10

1a5d597c434bcfa017aecc8a20a5582c Customise your own silk shirt. Love this idea.

Mindfulness at work

Sergio Rossi’s SS13 beauties

A funny application for the position of royal nanny…and the rejection email

10 banana recipes – including one from 1885 – all of which look scrumptious and some non-alcoholic summer drinks

Did you know that a wolves howls are as unique as a thumbprint?

Wonderful post about a superpower birthmark

Hair glazing: worth the faff or that at-home grooming step too far? (For the record, my limit is anything involving special gloves. If my beauty regime begins to require special gloves then it’s officially time to have a re-think.)

This burnt aubergine recipe made my mouth water

A married couple who have worn matching outfits for over 35 years

I want this bag so much

Just another gut-grippingly stunning editorial by Paolo Roversi

Lauren Hutton: awesome

{image from unknown source, let me know if it’s yours!}

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